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Why Young People are Coming Back to Church

In the past few decades, church membership has been gradually shrinking, and has been going on all over the Western world. Some say that young people today just don’t relate to the old and antiquated church, while others just say the world has changed. Whatever the reason, it’s starting to change.

Within the last 5 years, church membership has started to rise again, specifically in the younger demographics of people within the ages of 18-25. That is true even for kids who not raised in or around the church at all.

But why this recent uptick in church-goers, especially from such a young age group? Why are young people all of a sudden deciding that God and Jesus are cool again? Well, we have a few reasons that we think are the culprit.

Meaning in Life

It’s indisputable that the years in your early 20’s after leaving home are some of the most formative and changing years of anyone’s life, and really set the stage for the rest of life. Kids are leaving the protection of their comfortable parents house, and venturing out on their own to the real world, and with that, comes many new thoughts and ideas.

Who am I? Why am I here? Where am I going? All these questions and more are now starting to go through kids heads more than ever, and they need answering.

Church provides an answer to many of those questions. It shows people who they are, why they are, why they do the things they do, and where they are headed. The true meaning of life.


Another big reason why younger people are joining the church is because they are looking for a community to feel at home at. Everyone is looking to belong, it just depends on where they are looking. The church provides a safe and secure are for young adults to mature and blossom, all while being close to and growing with other people their age.

What better way to get into your new circle of friends than to be around people you know and are alike to? Others find community in school, or bars, or even in the drug culture. Why not make it more about the church, and being around people who share the same beliefs as you?

Something Real

The last reason that church membership is on the rise today is the deep longing for “something real”. With so many fleeting ideas and images in today’s hyper-sexual and materialistic world, kids are realizing how futile many of these things are, and are trying to find something more concrete. Something that will last the test of time.

Church provides that answer for people, and can make astonishing differences in their lives. Not only are they discovering more about God, but they are learning much more about themselves.


So in the end, the growth in church attendance is absolutely incredible. We are seeing an amazing amount of new Christians in church, as well as more seasoned Christians who are just starting to take their walk more seriously.

HI! I’m Amanda and I’m a writer here for The Lutheran Church Chronicle. I graduated with my BA in Journalism from the University of Toronto, and I’m excited to continue writing for the paper!

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