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A Tale of Travel and Meeting Christians Along the Way

Posted by on Nov 8, 2013 in Technology, Travel | 0 comments

The following article is a story from a frequent reader of the newspaper, and is about traveling abroad, especially in a place where there are not as many Christians. It covers

  • How to travel abroad
  • Meet like-minded Christians
  • Never be Disconnected from Home

I hope you enjoy this unique story! Go grab some Vegemite and enjoy!

I have been a Christian my entire life. I grew up in the church, and have always had a great relationship with it. But I’ve always been a traveler, so when the opportunity presented itself in the form of a life circumstance, I took it right away.

This adventure was leaving the frozen and cold North America for Australia, without really having an idea of where I was going, how I was going to get there, and who I was going to meet and spend my time with.

That kind of change and nebulous thought would be paralyzing for some people, but personally, I love it, and always have. New situations excite me, and without that constant change in my life, it really becomes boring and stagnant.

Upon arriving in Australia, I knew things were different. Not only did they have goofy accents, but they also seemed to drive on the wrong side of the road! In some areas, the culture and behavior of the people were very similar of that from the US or Canada, but other ways, they were much different.

One thing I quickly learned was that people there were mostly non-Christian, and didn’t really care much for religion of any kind. This was a drastic change from the majorly Christianized North America that I was used to.

So as I started traveling around the country and doing awesome things, I found it was very different and interesting to speak with people about their religious beliefs. Some were open to talking, while others weren’t.

I was fortunate enough to meet a number of very strong Christians living in the midst of a very pagan world, and making huge progress for the Kingdom of God. They are not just pretending to be in Church, but actually living how Church should live.

I made friendships with these people that will probably never be broken, at least in our hearts. They were truly Christians living the Christian walk, and spoke worlds to me in how we should be acting within “the world”.

It was very difficult initially to convey and articulate this to my friends and family back home, who hadn’t actually experienced this first hand to know what I was talking about yet. Over Skype conversations, we would talk about things on a very surface level, but nothing more meaningful than that. It was like being stuck in between living in the real world, and pretending to in some sort of hidden and fake one.

In the end, it was really great to be able to travel down through Australia. I met many great people, did some awesome things, and really had the experience of a lifetime. It was also very nice to be connected with the Internet, so I could quickly and easily connect with anyone I wanted to back home.

If you ever do get the chance to go down to Australia, I strongly encourage it! It’s a much different place to be, but very rewarding at the same time.

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Top 4 Places to Go On a Beach Vacation

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If you are like me, then the long, cold and dark winters up here in Canada will really start dragging on you about January, and you still have at least half of them left!

The perfect cure for the winter blues is a tropical getaway to a new location. Just imagine the sound of the waves lapping against the shore, with a nice warm sea breeze coming in and rustling your hair. Add a nice cold drink in the sand and it seems like nothing more could go wrong in the world.

So if you are looking for that next tropical getaway, it’s time to start booking! But where should you decide to go? There are many beaches around the world, but which ones are the absolute best for a vacation? We’ll go over our top 4 picks for a tropical beach getaway:


The number one destination on our list is the just a little while south of us, down in Mexico. This country that borders the United States to the South can be the perfect place to vacation and get away from winter.

It offers a very diverse variety of landscapes, including jungles, rainforests, beaches, and deserts. But the one you want to go for is definitely the beaches! Often times, you’ll find perfect white sand beaches just a little ways out of the main cities, just waiting to be explored. The Mexican culture will also add a very nice twist on your vacation. I highly recommend trying out the street tacos – they’re delicious! That is if you are not trying to eat healthy.


The next getaway on our list is all the way ‘down under’ on the other side of the world. From North America all the way to the Southern Hemisphere, Australia is truly a place of wonder. With great friendly people, white sand beaches, and a huge country to explore, it’s no wonder that Australia has one of the most popular beach cities in Sydney in the world. Just don’t eat too much Vegemite when you are down there!



The next spot on our list is the beautiful nation of Greece, and the only one on the list in Europe. A quick jump over the Atlantic will leave you in this incredibly beautiful and historic country. In recent years, the economy has been in turmoil and ruin, but this means that your money will go even further in an economy that desperately needs your tourism dollars.

Old world beauty and pristine beaches are the names of the game in this southern European country.

The Caymans

The last place on our list is a beautiful little island nation in the Caribbean. The Caymans are a very quirky and unique place, with their own share of tourist areas as well as native island culture. Life just seems to move a little slower down there, and for good reason. Some islands in the Caymans are only a few square miles, so there isn’t really too many places to go and rush off to. So sit back, grab a coconut, and relax! You are in a beautiful tropical paradise!

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