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How to organize a church picnic in a member’s spacious backyard

Organizing a church picnic in a member’s spacious backyard can be a challenging endeavor yet so adventurous. Such a picnic gives church members an opportunity to interact in sports and other outdoor activities. What is more, the excitement that comes with picnics cannot be over-emphasized. To organize one, you need to identify a church member with a spacious backyard that can comfortably accommodate the church members. Be sure to start early preparations as this will allow you adequate time to plan. It is imperative to acquaint yourself with the possible activities members can engage in, prepare them for the activities as well as avail the necessary facilities.

The backyard ought to be well maintained, spacious and conducive. As a rule of thumb, always start planning early enough to get the time needed to make any improvements on the backyard. For instance, if the grass of the one you choose does not impress you, consider having some different grass. There are many turf choices offered by local landscaping companies from which you can choose your preferred one from. Be sure to get opinion also from the landscaping companies on the turf choices. If you intend to have the picnic during summer, Sir Walter turf grass would be the best option. Apart from it being good both in shade and sun, it is easy to maintain. The other ready choices would be the Kikuyu grass and the couches. Once you identify the one you prefer, all you need is to seek services of a local landscaping company to install them.

All church members should participate in different games and activities regardless of their age and gender. Suggest a variety of games to ensure everyone participates. For children, you can try bringing in bouncing castles for them. The most ideal activity would be racing. In fact, you can just have races for all categories and a few bible quizzes or mind games and that will suffice. The shady areas with trees are only ideal for observers. The main backyard with plenty of space and grass should be an exclusive zone for activities. Try to get a bit creative by isolating the areas using a rope. Reserve a place for first aid since cases that need first aid ever occur in such events.

Members should not take their lunch from far. On such an eventful day, you are sure of how many members get tired. Even having them take their lunch from the homestead would be inappropriate. Be sure to bring some extra tables to the backyard for lunch. If the church does not have enough of them, try hiring from an events company. It is also advisable to involve a person who is experienced in organizing events in your picnic preparations to guarantee the success of the picnic. However, it is always within your reach to make such decisions. For example, you can decide to do everything on your own except the services of the landscaping company that you need to consult for turf choices as well as installation of the turf.

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