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How To Carefully Manage and Lower Insurance Premiums For Churches

Churches have always been tagged as high-risk by most insurance companies. Not only are churches easy targets for vandalism and break-ins, these are also magnets for both internal and external theft. The issue of theft and damage has even made insurance premiums to soar higher as new hi-tech gadgets and equipment come into play. From touch-screen computers to state of the art sound and audio-visual devices, churches have never been more vulnerable to risks than ever before. When thinking of applying or renewing insurance, it is imperative that person in-charge for the assessment prior to application be aware of the factors which can help lower insurance premiums for churches such as updated security system, fixed asset tracking, online and cloud protection, and other mechanisms that may portray more security and stability.

Addressing Break-Ins and Vandalism

No matter how tight a church’s security system, it must be tweaked from time to time for more efficiency and efficacy. State of the art alarm and CCTV systems must be established to reduce exposure to risks. Implementation of practical and effective security measures and access solutions such as a network of CCTV cameras, security patrols, and electronic lock-and-key access system will help manage the dilemma of facility break-ins and vandalism as well as theft. Insurance companies usually give discounts to churches who have outstanding connection with top security companies to ensure safety at all time.

Data Management – Online and Offline

Churches are also easy targets for both online and offline breach of data. Electronic keys and smart-badge systems may be implemented to address this concern. There are quite a number of innovative equipment which one can easily add to existing computer system. Online and offline security controls must also be plotted out to prevent leakage of confidential materials that can be detrimental to a church or group of churches. As today’s churches are tech-savvy in nature, fool-proof data management systems can alleviate insurance premium costs due to certain risks stipulated.

Fixed Asset Tracking and Management

Two of the most intensive and demanding tasks in managing churches are the management and documentation of fixed assets. From office computers to digital projectors, media equipment, music and sound equipment, and accounting-related documents, using equally modern asset management software offered by inventory management companies will extensively aid in fixed asset tracking and management protocols in churches. The software is intended to facilitate proper and consistent monitoring and managing on the utilization, performance and control of fixed assets. Apart from lowering insurance premiums, this system also enhance up-time, improve risk management rules, and empower strategic planning.

Implementation of access management solution, state of the art security system, and fixed asset management tracking solutions must be considered part and parcel of church management. Enforcing these systems will help establish a procedure that will lessen exposure to risk. From assets tracking and management to innovative alarm systems, access control, software and online management, and so on are just some of the methods which can be of help. This, in turn, will help save substantial amount on premiums paid for insurance.

HI! I’m Amanda and I’m a writer here for The Lutheran Church Chronicle. I graduated with my BA in Journalism from the University of Toronto, and I’m excited to continue writing for the paper!