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Being a Godly Person in an Un-Godly Place

As a Christian, we are given the very unique circumstance of being on this world, but not of it. What that means is we are called to live Godly lives, and serve the one who saved us from our own depravity, all in a very un-Godly, and broken world. We were born of this world, and of sin, but won’t need to be here for long.

But before we go to heaven to be with Jesus, how are we supposed to act and live our day-to-day lives here? How are we supposed to teach our kids that? The earth is just a small proving grounds for the eternal, so how do we show the same love that Jesus showed us to the world around who haven’t discovered Him yet?

We’ll try to cover a few helpful areas and things to consider when looking at the idea of living a Godly life in a very un-Godly place. It is a difficult thing to do, but in the long run, it will be completely worth it. We will have our rewards waiting in heaven, and not on this earth.

Don’t Compromise Character

The first main point to consider when trying to live in this world, and not of it is to never compromise your character. You have strong moral beliefs, and it is very easy to be swayed by the ways of this world to be a certain way. Satan is very good at deceiving us to give in on those little slips of character, that really don’t seem to be much in the moment, but add up huge over time.

The easiest way to get someone to do what you want isn’t to try and impose a belief that is completely opposite of what they think, and attack them with it. That is an easy enemy to know and to fight against. The easiest way to do it is to continually make little tiny offshoots of the beliefs they already have, and just gradually work that needle farther and farther away from where it should be. “This way is really bad, but what about this? It’s pretty much the same as what you are already doing! Why not?”. As Christians, we need to resist this gradual moral degradation, and stay strong to the morals we were taught as kids, and should be living with today. The world needs more backbones.

Know What is Most Important

In a world where many things are throw in front of us, and viewed as ‘important’, we really need to keep our true north and realize what is truly important in life. It’s not what everyone else is doing, or what is popular at the time. Television is great at showing us what we should be paying attention to, and what we should be doing. This is just wrong, and we are acting on and building our lives around the whims of the corporate powers that be.

Why would we want to get so wrapped up in aesthetic fame and celebrity status? Is there any actual worth in that? Absolutely not.

We need to know that as Christians, we live for something much more important.

The Things of This World are Fleeting

In the fame and glitzy culture that we live in, things like wealth, bling and status are prized. But how many of those people have turned around and found themselves bankrupt after living that life of luxury? Wealth and glamour are things that are given by the Lord, but really aren’t worth anything. He may bless you in your life with great wealth, or great poverty. But in the end, neither of those matter. They are both gifts from Him, and He can take them away at any moment.

We all need to continually realize what things are going to last, and disregard the things that are fleeting.

HI! I’m Amanda and I’m a writer here for The Lutheran Church Chronicle. I graduated with my BA in Journalism from the University of Toronto, and I’m excited to continue writing for the paper!

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  1. Thanks for this article, I have been struggling with this. Time to get back on the right path. Have you struggled with these type of things too?

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