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A Christian Attorney is Supporting the Sick

With 2014 approaching, Christian attorney Charlie Verne decided he needed to be more than a lawyer to his clients. Knowing he was blessed with a thriving law practice, a happy, healthy family and the love of Christ, Charlie realized he was in a much better place than many of the people who came to his for legal help, guidance, advice and representation. Many of Charlie’s clients struggle with lifelong medical issues through no fault of their own. Whether being born with a genetic condition, suffering with injuries from an automobile accident caused by an impaired driver, or complications from surgeries, each of Charlie’s clients had major health issues and the bills that came along with them.

After spending hours in prayer about how to best help his clients, Charlie suddenly had an idea. While he would continue to help his clients with their legal issues and challenges, Charlie knew he could really help by holding a fundraiser to help with his client’s medical bills. With his connections and relationships, Charlie knew he could throw a fundraising event that would be successful in raising enough money to make a major difference in the lives of his clients and their families. Charlie put his idea on the top of his to do and prayer lists and decided he needed to enlist some extra help.

Charlie went to his pastor to talk about his idea and get some feedback. After praying over the idea together, both Charlie and his spiritual adviser felt good about moving forward and decided to put the plan into action. For the next three weeks, Charlie devoted all his spare time and energy into coordinating a fundraising event that would help his clients cover their medical bills and wipe their debt free.

With the help and blessing of the church, Charlie and his colleagues held a donation based attorney advice day. For a minimum donation of $50 dollars, people could have access to the advice and expertise of some of Canada’s top attorneys. Charlie and his fundraising team advertised the event on Facebook, Twitter, on local television and radio, in newspapers, in church bulletins and through word of mouth and waited with bated breath as they opened the doors to the event. Within minutes, every single attorney had a client in front of them and more eagerly awaited their turn to speak with a lawyer and get help with their legal questions, issues or problems. At the end of the day, Charlie and his colleagues had raised over $10,000 to help his clients pay off their medical expenses.

Since that October in 2013, Charlie and his team of fundraising volunteers have raised over $100,000 to help Christians with medical issues pay their bills. With help from the church and their donation space, the community’s involvement and support and the willingness of Charlie’s colleagues to donate their time, no money is spent on hosting the event and 100% of all profits go to covering the medical bills of his clients. If you are interested in volunteering, fill out this contact form.

HI! I’m Amanda and I’m a writer here for The Lutheran Church Chronicle. I graduated with my BA in Journalism from the University of Toronto, and I’m excited to continue writing for the paper!