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3 Reasons Why Volunteering is Great for Kids to do Weekly

As all of us were growing up, volunteering has always been a very altruistic thing. The feeling of giving back out of your blessed fortune to others who may not have as much, or have not been given the same hand in life is a very cool thing.

That can mean something as simple as doing down to your local soup kitchen on Thanksgiving and helping serve people, to actually going all-in and working for a non-profit, trying to help them make ends meet.

What ever you are doing in the volunteering world, the most important part is that you are just DOING it. Not talking about it, or meaning to, but actually going down to do the work, and provide something for someone in need.

But how do we instill that same desire to serve in our kids? How do we teach them that helping people and freely giving will not only bless other people’s lives, but even bless their own?

Initially, this process may have to be prompted by you to get the interested and down there, but believe me – it will be the best experience of their lives to do. Myself, as well as many other people believe that volunteering should be added to a child’s schedule, and be just as important as any sport or social time.

You should strive to make this happen on a weekly occurrence, and always keep showing them why they are doing it. Here a few benefits of having kids volunteer on a weekly basis in their community:

Builds Attitude of Gratitude

The main thing that being generous and volunteering does is build an attitude of gratitude and thanksgiving in kids, making them thankful for what they have, and not as envious of others. This will not only make them better people in the long run, but will also bless the people they are serving with the great example.

Opens up connections and opportunities

As a child starts to get a little older, volunteering and the connections made there just may open doors to places and opportunities that never would have come up before. Companies often pay their employees to volunteer, so your child could just happen to have great exposure to some very high-powered people, and be shown in a very good light doing so.

Puts Life in Perspective

Helping people less fortunate also serves to put life in much better perspective for them as well. They will start to realize that everything isn’t about them, and that there are more important things in this world than just looking out for themselves. That kind of perspective will take time to grow and develop, but is absolutely essential for a creating a ‘good person’ in the long run.


So in the end, you may or may not choose to have your kids volunteer as much as weekly, but I really do highly recommend that you at least go on a regular basis. It will really start to give them a good perspective on how the world really works, and how to be a better person in it.

If you are looking for place to volunteer around Toronto, you can definitely check out Volunteer Toronto to learn more, and find a place to bring your kids to.

HI! I’m Amanda and I’m a writer here for The Lutheran Church Chronicle. I graduated with my BA in Journalism from the University of Toronto, and I’m excited to continue writing for the paper!

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  1. What a great idea! My kids are always trying to figure out things to do after school and in the summer. Why not have them give back? Love the concept, and my kids will now be regulars at the soup kitchen!

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